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What does it cost to access the registry?

A nominal fee will be charged to access certain features of the registry, and this is dependent on the type of information being retrieved. A First Aid Student may review their certification history for free, but an online request confirming certification status will be charged. Instructors, their clients, and the agencies they teach for may each obtain memberships that permit access to a wide range of site features.

Students - Free Access!

Instructors - $24.00 for a 2 year membership

Employers - $75.00 per year

Training Agencies - $29.95 per Month

Who can use the registry?


What if I want to use the registry, but my First Aid Instructor doesn't appear to have utilised the registry yet?

First Aiders may register their own memberships and can soon enter their own training history, however this information will be recorded as unverified in the database. Employers wishing to track the certifications of their staff may also perform similar actions. Check with your instructor.....if they aren't using this system yet, perhaps they just haven't heard it had been made available to them! Use the Tell an Instructor Button on the Homepage to notify your favorite First Aid Instructor...

When may I access the information?

Anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Who has access to the information?

The various items of data that are entered are viewable by the appropriate user. Instructors for example can recall all of the course roster information they've entered including course types, dates programs were taught and who participated in the courses, and they can receive automated reminders about entire groups that may be nearing expiry of their certifications. Employers will be able to access all rosters that were entered under the name of their company. Agencies will be able to access all rosters taught on their behalf All data is held as confidential and is not shared with any person or company. E-mail addresses collected are never sold and these addresses will only be used to send reminders about certification expiry.

What if I want to change an entry after it's made?

All data can be modified, however a record of all modifications made are also kept as a part of the database and are viewable when records are retrieved. For example if Clark Kent took a CPR course then later changed his name in the registry to Superman, all records related to both Superman and Clark Kent would then display in the same history.

How secure is the information stored within this system?

Encryption similar to that used by Chartered Banks is used to keep the data safe, and the entire database is backed up twice daily to ensure the integrity of the records.

Users include Agencies, Instructors, Clients and Students that we define as follows:

  Agency: The "parent" first aid organisation under which the certification for first aid or CPR has been issued (eg: the Red Cross or Heart Association).

  Instructor: The person that taught the course and that will normally be entering verified roster data.

  Client: The person or business or institution or other group for whom the course was taught.

  Student: The person(s) that participated in the course.

How does the system work?

Overview: A Client schedules an Instructor to teach a first aid course. The instructor, on behalf of an agency then teaches the course to a group of students. At the end of the course, the instructor enters the roster of attending students in the FirstAid Registry, noting the Agency, Client and Student names, making the data of the roster searchable/retrievable by each of these identities.


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