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How the FirstAid Registry defines course types


The following descriptions are general in nature, and the First Aid Registry recognises programs may appear under different descriptive (or brand) names.  However to meet standards as established by various government organisations certain minimum criteria must be adhered to.  In all of the definitions here, hourly minimums describe content of original core courses.  Recertification programs in all categories may be taught in less time but must be capable of refreshing student knowledge to the original basic minimums in order to qualify.  The First Aid Registry archives data with parameters that meet or exceed original course content or established equivalency.


Basic CPR training designed for lay people.  4 hours minimum class time.

HealthCare Provider CPR

Complex CPR training designed for First Responders and Health Care providers - prerequisite includes basic CPR - 4 hours minimum class time.

Automated External Defibrillation (AED)

Training for all levels in the safe operation of AED's or SAED's.  Minimum 1 hour class time.

Emergency First Aid

Entry level first aid training, basic level first aid training.  Overview of most common life-threatening ailments and injuries.  Minimum 7.5 hours class time.

Standard First Aid

Common occupational first aid program.  Minimum 15 hours class time.

Advanced First Aid

Complex first aid training that includes background on anatomy and physiology and use of basic airway adjuncts, spinal immobilisation and basics of patient transport.  Minimum class time 80 hours. 

Emergency Medical Responder

As per requirements of Advanced First Aid plus background information for First Responders and the use of specialised equipment and techniques(eg: vehicle extrication). Minimum class time 100 hours.

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