How the FirstAid Registry defines course types


There is a vast array of first aid training courses available by large number of providers aimed at numerous different environments. The following descriptions are general in nature, and FARNET recognizes that courses are offered under different descriptive names based on the specific provider.

The length, content and certification duration of a course may be influenced by the province/state, jurisdiction, organization, employer or industry - it is upto the Student to be clear on what is required of them. Students have often completed a first aid course only to find it does not qualify for its intended application. Before enrolling in any course, the Student should be clear on what course they need and for what purpose. Also be aware that some courses have other prerequisite certification requirements.

Listed below are common first aid courses recognized in Canada and the United States.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) & Automatic External Defibrillation(AED)
Basic CPR & AED training designed for lay people. approximately 4-6 hours of class time.
CPR - Health Care Provider(HCP)

Complex CPR training designed for first responders and health care professionals - approximately 4-6 hours of class time.

Emergency First Aid

CEntry level first aid training with an overview of most common life-threatening ailments and injuries. Approximately 6.5-8 hours of class time.

Standard First Aid

This is the commonly accepted first aid training level for most non-professional applications. Approximately 13-16 hours of class time.

First Responder

Often considered the minimum level of first aid training for medical transportation or medical standby at events. Approximately 40-60 hours of class time.

Advanced First Aid

Complex first aid training that includes background on anatomy and physiology and use of basic airway adjuncts, spinal immobilization and basics of patient transport. Approximately 68-80 hours of class time.

Emergency Medical Responder

This course is for those providing a professional level of emergency response including firefighters, law-enforcement officers, and emergency medical services personnel. This is the top level first aid course before entering into paramedicine. Approximately 80-120 hours of class time.