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You can order a high quality First Aid Kit for far less than the cost of similar quality competitor products. Standard First Aid Kit from E.R.T.C.
Regular retail price: $74.95 each

This product is currently for Canada only, and has a maple leaf embroidered on the front. The Emergency Response Kit is made from a durable outer shell which is water resistant and snag proof. 1000 Denier Nylon, dyed Bright Red. The handles are a heavy nylon webbing (black) with a small velcro fastener between them. Heavy duty zipper for closure. Embroidered with a Maltese cross logo and the words EMERGENCY RESPONSE KIT. All supplies are held securely within the kit whe it is opened up in order that it may be hung vertically from a hook for easy viewing of materials.

Although the supplies may be used by anyone regardless of skill level, ERTC strongly recommends everyone take a standard first aid course. The kit comes complete with a variety of supplies, each carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

  • Pocket mask
    • Flexible silicone construction that will remain pliable in cold temperatures
    • Intuitive application - no previous instruction is required prior to its deployment
  • Latex gloves - An important addition to recent kit designs, as it allows a rescuer to work safely in an area that is contaminated with another persons body fluids. Characteristics include;
    • Durable construction for deployment in cold conditions
    • Textured fingertips for added dexterity when environment is slippery
    • Hypoallergenic and powder free
  • Paramedic shears - for cutting through seat belts, and to permit visualisation of a patients body. Characteristics include;
    • Rugged construction - high force design -able to cut soft metals up to 1 millimetre thick
    • Serrated blades
    • Safety tips
  • Hot and Cold Packs - Chemically activated packs to provide warmth or cooling to critically ill patients. Characteristics include;
    • Rugged package which is resistant to bursting when pressurised either mechanically, or from the chemical reaction occuring within the device
  • Triangular bandages - Characteristics include;
    • Color fastness in material
    • Heavy weave which is made of absorbent 100% cotton
    • Individually packaged in light plastic wrapping
  • Roller gauze of a heavy 100% cotton weave, 24" long, excellent color fastness, and very little breakdown of material upon application. Each roll individually wrapped in a light plastic to preserve its readiness.
  • Abdominal Pads - Absorbent pads of 100% cotton for managing patients with heavy traumatic bleeding. Individually wrapped in either paper or plastic to preserve readiness and sterility.
  • Weather sheet - A light aluminum sheet which is large enough to cover one patient, and protect them from wind and precipitation. It is made from reflective material that is easy to spot from aircraft.
  • Tongue depressors - wooden or plastic, approximately 5" long, 1" wide. Used as splints in traumatic hand or feet injuries.
  • Splint - Light aluminum mesh construction for a combination of strength and flexibility with a light foam coating to insulate patient from the material o 4" x 24", folded in three layers to a completely flat presentation.
  • Alcohol swabs - 1"x 1" swabs soaked in alcohol and individually packaged.
  • Tensor Bandages - 24" long by 3" wide. Elastic cotton material, individually wrapped in either paper or light plastic.
  • Cloth adhesive tape 1"
  • 4" x 4" gauze pads - non-sterile, bulk.
  • Elastoplast bandage strips.
  • Elastoplast knuckle bandages.
  • Pen light - light weight, disposable.
  • Printed sheet of instructions, warnings and warranty information.
  • Critical Action Card - laminated card approximately 4"x6" with step by step instructions detailing how to manage sick and injured patients.

Standard First Aid Kit from E.R.T.C. ***well over 100 separate individual items in all!

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